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How to make $11k per month with Tissue Paper Making Business 2021

tissue paper making business in india

Tissue paper or paper napkins are categorized in those commodities which have become important in the lifestyle of people nowadays. This business is a very profitable one as there is a huge demand for tissue papers in day-to-day lives. Tissue paper is used from restaurants to salons, hospitals everywhere. If you want to start a low investment and low-risk business in India then starting tissue paper making business in 2021 is one of the best options available in the market. In this article, you will know about tissue paper manufacturing project report that’s how much capital, raw material, area and manpower you need to start this business. In this ultimate guide, we will tell you to step by step how to start tissue paper manufacturing business in India or in any other country principles remain the same.

Understand the Challenges Involved in Starting a Business in 2021

Henry David Thoreau, an American essayist, poet, and philosopher once said, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” So for success, you need to have an optimist mindset and attitude towards life. In this article, we will also tell you how to do the marketing for tissue paper making business in 2021 and where you can sell it in detail for which you need to continue reading this article.

There will be so many challenges you will face after starting any business but you need to be overcome them after doing that one can earn more and more profit through this business, if he/she has done proper research of the business plan, for example, what is the suitable place, and who are the skilled workers, what is the raw material required for the business plan he/she wants to implement.

Tissue Paper Market Research in India

Maybe you will make some mistakes at the beginning but eventually, you will learn and with the time you will get to know where you lack behind and you will go on adding different points to your business plan in future and eventually your business will flourish with time.

Market Research of tissue paper business

These points are very important to keep in mind because not only you are going to start a new business on your own, but at the same time there are already various such entrepreneurs that are already in this business from years, you have to think somewhat different from them, how you are going to compete with those companies who have already set up their brand in the market not only on the local level but also worldwide.

You can read this article how to do market research.

One more thing you can do is talk to some entrepreneurs which are already in this business so that you will get some idea how to start up, that will make it more of a task for you to start up this business. Moreover, you can tell him/her your idea also and he/she may suggest you up to what mark your business plan is from his/her experience and will it be practically applicable or not.

Is Tissue Paper Making Business Profitable in India in 2021?

If you want to start a tissue paper making business in 2021 even with less money from home and with no experience then you are in the right place. This business is a low investment profitable idea.

The more the consumption the more will be the demand for that product as in our case the demand for tissue paper manufacturing business is very high as it’s used on a daily basis, so you will be able to sell this product in abundance.

You will know the importance of tissue papers by the fact that they are used almost in all the places whether they are our homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, bathrooms, parties, beauty parlours.

They are also used in the packaging industry in the form of packaging tissue. Sometimes they are used as household kitchen towels also moreover they are used a majority of times for hygiene purposes as wipes, napkins, facial tissue (paper handkerchiefs) and as facial tissues.

With the increase in fast food and eating on dining tables, the demand for paper napkins has increased exponentially. Its usage is not just restricted to our houses, restaurants, and hotels, hospitals rather it is used almost everywhere as people have become more vigilant about their health and hygiene.

This business doesn’t require a genius mind, rather if you have proper talents, oneself, and attitude, then you can have a real prosperous manufacturing enterprise in the world.

This business will require a good amount of financial funds as it requires a large manufacturing plant in size but at last, I will also tell you how you can start this business in just a few thousand Rs. For your paper manufacturing business, you will need funds to buy the necessitated required supplies for, but then you should consider purchasing cheap high-quality supplies, and eventually you will also save some amount of money when you will end up getting good ones, and at the same time you can produce tissue papers which are of high quality.

When mapping to establish a tissue paper manufacturing business, you need to focus on some precise points that you will be obliged for this very business plan. You can also ask an experienced business person how to structure this business. So if you will get the right supervision you will be able to execute your business plan correctly, and you will be successful in establishing your business.

Read on to know and understand how you can start your own tissue paper business on the right basis.

Do you know?

The difference between toilet tissue paper and tissue papers is that it gets decomposed in septic tanks but it’s not necessary that it will happen to other papers.

What Is the Market Potential of Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business in 2021?

Living in this modern era people have become much more civilised and are very much concerned about the basic things which also includes their well-being and hygiene.

  • As it is obvious people panic about their health nowadays, which has thus, in turn, lead to an increase in the demand of the tissue papers at a very good pace, which in India is nearly about 15% approximately yearly.
  • One uses them for various purposes as they are use-and-throw products, moreover, it is eco-friendly, that is, it is biodegradable, and can be used again and again as one can recycle them as well, thus keeping our environment safe and secure as well.
  • As we know the day by day urbanisation is increasing and more and more developments are taking place, so simultaneously demand for tissue paper is also increasing.
  • Its use can be seen almost in every kind of field from your cafeterias to hotels to restaurants to home to hospitals to even your beauty salons, and even one has a tissue paper box in his/her car, even in his/her office etc.

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As we can see its usage and demand in this era, one will definitely be in profit if he/she is thinking of starting up a business of tissue paper.

Checkout this video you will get the answer of some of the questions like is tissue paper business profitable or not, its market potential etc.

Getting the right raw material and equipment one can start from a small scale business and produce a high-quality product, then eventually with time he/she will start this business on a large scale and earn much more profit in it because on seeing its market value, not confined just to a state or country but worldwide retailing.

So if you want a low investment business startup then this is really a great business idea you can think of.

Now speaking about what kind of business you want to start up with either small scale or large scale will depend on how many types of commodities you will add up in it.

There can be a number of varieties you can go for, for instance, you can add tissue napkins, paper towels, facial papers, and also we can have wet tissues, and of course, toilet papers as well and understanding its usage where it can be used one can go on adding more and more types to it.

So the more one wants to grow his/her business, the more he/she can go on adding to its business plan and surely earn a huge profit from it.

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business Plan

Well, we all know we can’t reach to any point if we are not already well planned about it, same is the case with the business you gotta have a full-fledged plan for it, then only you can implement it practically. Moreover, a business plan will help you to keep a clear viewpoint on every goal used in your business. You will be able to prioritise things, moreover, you can create your marketing plan which will strengthen your business in future.

Tissue paper manufacturing business plan

You have to think about the idea and techniques that will make your business an ideal one. You have started from scratch, so you need to think about how will you get the material, and the required equipment that will be required in your tissue paper making business in 2021, moreover how many labours you will require to get your job done with a great profit, what will be the techniques and machinery you will incorporate in it, where you will start it, how you will do its advertisement, and how you will sell it.

It is very important to have a business plan before starting it, as it will help you at every step when you will step in it. You can also take help from some professional ones, these experts will help you in the best way around to set up the plan you will need by the future.

Fund Your Business and Understand the Budget

As much as marketing, business and technical skills are important one should also know his/her financial strength whether he/she can invest it in or not. When sketching a plan for it, one should also estimate the cost he/she will need to set up this business plan. This capital investment should be good enough to start a business like this.

If he/she has a financial partner also then it is good for him/her as more the number of investors the better the business will be, but keep in mind that you will have to distribute the predefined profit among the investors.

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  • Moreover, there are various organisations such as joint enterprises, specialist funds, many monetary banks in the country and government, private and retail budgetary organisations that help the new budding entrepreneurs to start such business by providing financial help in the form of loans etc that will also add up to the financial strengths besides their other investors.

Built a Great Website for Your Business

Having a great website in today’s times is a bonus point. When your customers will know about your website, they are going to check it and you will impress them moreover they can also share your website URL with their friends by which your product will get famous day by day. Checkout other competitors sites and see how they are selling their products online. Shakir Baba best website developer has an experience of 6 years contact him to get Beautiful, Responsive & Affordable websites.

The New Business Methods has taken this initiative to help people ecspacially young entrepreneurs to start their business, that's why we help them in setting up their dream website in affordable price, contact us today.

Pick up Your Business Location

In order to start this business, let’s assume your budget is tight and you want to start from a single machine then you should have at least an area of 600 square feet in which tissue paper making machine, the raw material of tissue paper, the finished product can be kept easily.

The place you will choose should have all the necessary facilities available like water supply, power supply and drainage supply.

As we are assuming you are starting a tissue paper business from home so these basic facilities are mostly available in all cities and villages in today’s era. If you are starting tissue paper making business in 2021 outside your residential area, then choose the location which is close to your target market.

Steps Involved in Tissue Papermaking Process in 2021

The various steps involved in tissue paper manufacturing business are:

  1. Pulp and Dye
  2. Pressing
  3. Creeping
  4. Cutting and Reeling
  5. Packaging

The tissue paper manufacturing machine converts the jumbo reel in the form of tissue paper. If broadly speaking the jumbo reel is loaded in the machine after that printing takes place.

After printing embossing takes place then in the next step folding then cutting. Your tissue papers will come out of the machine in bunches. You can set a fixed number like if you want to get a bunch of 50 tissues or 100 tissues the bunch of tissues according to the number set will come out.

Checkout this article everything you need to know how to start a business.

After the napkin is made you need to pack it in polythene, here in this step you can use the sealing machine. After that, you have to pack it in carton boxes and supply them in the market.

The Raw Material for Starting Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business in India

The raw material for tissue paper manufacturing Business comes in the form of Jumbo roll. one Jumbo roll has a weight of 80 to 90 kg. There are mainly two types of Jumbo roll available in the market.

  1. Soft paper
  2. Hard paper
soft tissue paper
Hard Tissue Paper

It is up to you what type of output you want from the machine and according to that you will purchase the paper, you don’t need to buy a separate machine for these two types, you can use a single machine for both of them. In addition to this, you will also need the wrapping paper, glue, and cellophane as a raw material for tissue paper

All about Tissue Paper Making Machine

Now to start a tissue paper making business you need to get a machine which is available in different sizes in the market. The size of the tissue paper will decide which type of machine you will require for example If you need tissue paper 27 x 27 cm then you will have to buy the machine which will give you output 27 x 27 cm same applies to all the sizes like 20 x 20 cm, 22 x 22 cm, 24 x 24 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 33 x 33 cm tissue paper size and so on.

You can also order according to your needs and requirement which type of tissue paper you want and according to that the machine will be manufactured. The production capacity of tissue paper manufacturing is about 2.5 lack of pieces per shift.

Broadly speaking there are three types of paper making machine.

  1. Manual Tissue Paper Making Machine.
  2. Fully Automatic Computerized tissue paper making machine.
  3. Automatic + Manual tissue paper manufacturing machine.

Do you know?

In the market, the most demanding tissue paper is 30 x 30 because it’s used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals etc.

How Much Does a Tissue Paper Machine Cost?

  • Now talking about the tissue paper production cost, if you want to buy a small scale tissue paper making machine that’s you will buy a machine with a single printing unit and single embossing design you will get it in approximately 5 lakhs. If you want to add any other unit other features like embossing units you will have to pay for that accordingly.
  • So the starting price of most of the machine’s will be around 5 lakh and there will be an additional cost of GST+Transport charge. For this machine, you will require a minimum of single skilled labour and 2 unskilled labour. You can give them a monthly salary as there will be in the market. We will take for instance 12000-15000 for skilled and 7000-8000 for unskilled labour.
  • You can also buy a sealing machine which will give your tissue paper a packaging form. The cost of branded sealing machines starts from Rs 3300.

Electricity or Energy Consumption in the Paper-making Process?

Electricity or energy consumption in the papermaking machine is 3.5 KW and it will cost approximately 500 a month. Below we will discuss tissue paper manufacturing project report.

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Tissue Paper Production Cost Analysis

Tissue Paper Making Machine5 Lacks
Branded Sealing Machine3300
Rented Space10000
Skilled Labour12000-15000/month
Unskilled Labour7000-8000/month
Raw Material285.7143 Kg /Day
2857.143 Kg/ 10Days
Total Investment₹ 535,157.143
Tissue paper production cost

Tissue Paper Making Business Profit Analysis in 2021

Now this question will arise in your mind: is tissue paper business profitable in India? or how much is tissue paper profit margin? The cost of paper making business in one packet is around 10 Rs and you can sell it in more than 13.5 Rs, you can decide it according to the competition in the market. So in one packet, you will get a profit of 3-3.5 Rs.

So, if you want to start this business then the total cost is approximately 8-9 lakhs including machinery, GST, Transportation, raw material and rent.

Plan Marketing ModelSelling PriceProfit per PacketTotal Average profit / Packet
Local Retailer (20%)1891.80
Local Hseller (50%)1673.5
E Commerce Sites (25%)40317.75
Average Profit / Packet₹ 13.06
Total profit if sold 2000 Packets₹ 26122.62 / Day
Total Profit₹ 809,801.22 per month ($11k)
Tissue paper making business profit analysis

Registrations Involved in Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business in India

Before starting any type of business you need to register it. The list of registrations involved in the tissue paper business is:

  1. The most important is the GST Registration, you need to do this before starting a business in anyhow and you are good to go, but as your business will grow you need to do other registrations also which are discussed below.
  2. You will need to do the registration of your business. It will depend on whether you want to do business individually, that’s a proprietorship or in partnership, that’s limited liability partnership [LLP].
  3. Then you have to do Adhar registration, the majority of the Indians have done this already.
  4. If you want to participate in government schemes you need to also do MSME/SSI Registration.
  5. Now after the hard work and the good public image you will have gained you may want to sell your products not only in India but outside it for that you will have to get IEC (Importer Exporter Code) code.

Apply for License

  • The last step is to take a license for the factory.
  • You can get a Trade License easily from local authorities.
  • You need to also apply for NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the pollution control board to be on the safer side.

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Training Institute

  • Nowadays various universities and colleges are offering different training which will develop more technical, practical and professional skills in you. So you can get experience as well by applying for internships at various factories which will also help you in the growth of your business.
  • You can also get core knowledge like expert episodes, bankable project reports, and can also get a live workshop of this business from the agencies from which you will purchase the tissue paper machine. Some of them also provide business registration support. Contact us below if you want to start tissue paper making business in India.
  • Doing this business you will not create a job and generate revenue for yourself but also for others.

Want to Start Tissue Paper Making?

We will provide you free workshop how to install the tissue paper making machine, how to use it. We provide the best and the latest technology machines in all over India. Contact us below to get more information, our representative will call back you shortly.

Where to Sell Tissue Paper?

You will know the importance of tissue papers by the fact that they are used almost in all the places whether they are our homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, bathrooms, parties, beauty parlours. So I guess you can already guess where you can sell them right? If not I will tell you some of the places where you can sell them:

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Dance clubs
  • Tea stall
  • Beauty Parlour
  • Colleges and schools
  • Cinemas
  • Government offices
  • Gyms
  • Malls
  • Clinics
  • Functions like birthday party, hens & bachelor nights, cocktail party, anniversary party, private dinner events, corporate functions, networking events etc.
  • Shops

Not only this there are tremendous opportunities to sell your products on online websites like:

  • Amazon
  • Bonanza
  • Mercari (app)
  • eBay
  • Varagesale
  • eBid
  • Oodle
  • iOffer
  • uBid
  • Listia

Quick Tips

1. You can also sell tissue papers to whole sellers especially to those who sell the stuff for marriages like disposals.
2. As I have already told you about the export market after you will establish your business and become successful in India, you can then export it outside India but for that keep in mind, you have to get IEC (Importer Exporter Code) code.

How to Do Tissue Paper Business in Low Investment in 2021?

Yes, even though till now you know how to do the tissue paper making business in India step by step but I still I should still share this amazing idea with you. There will be some of you who don’t want to invest 6-7 lakhs or if you are tight in budget then I have this idea for you.

What you can do is purchase directly from the agencies which make these tissue papers at cheap rates then you can sell those directly to the hotels, hospitals etc and you can still earn a good amount of money. This idea will especially work in those areas which have a shortage of tissue paper especially in villages, backward cities where these industrial units are hard to find.

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Have You Heard about Affiliate Marketing? If No I Will Tell You in These 4 Simple Steps:

  1. Create an affiliate account on Amazon.
  2. Make your website, you can make it easily on Blogger that too for free.
  3. Copy affiliate links of products that you like from amazon and paste them in the Blogger and u are good to go!
  4. Do promotion of your website and by selling products online you will get your commission from each purchase made through your link.

Do Branding of Your Business

Once you start your brand you need to do branding of your products, you need to tell others about it by adopting different strategies to sell tissue papers, let me give you the quick tips:

  • Make a beautiful and attractive logo.
  • Make a tagline for your business that will convey information about your products and will reflect your brand.
  • After making the logo of your business, make social accounts especially on Instagram, Facebook and start promoting your products.
  • Be true to your promises, once you will start giving the best services to your customers and deliver products on time, then they will refer your business to others.
  • The most important above all is consistency, without this you won’t be able to establish your brand.

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Tissue paper manufacturing process flow chart

Checkout This Video in Hindi/ Urdu How to Start Tissue Paper Business Below

I tried my best to give you each and every detail regarding this business. I hope you like it if you want me to give you information about any business feel free to let me know in comments.


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